Subdivision Plans

Subdivision plans include the following services:


Urban Subdivision

Urban Subdivision involves the preparation of subdivision plans by a registered surveyor to the requirements of Land & Property Information NSW to ensure registration of the plan for the purposes of issuing a new Certificate of Title.

Our surveyors can provide advice in relation to the following areas:

  • Subdivisions from a simple two- lot development to large subdivisions of any size.
  • Plans of consolidation.
  • Easement surveys.
  • Real property applications.
  • Boundary marking.
  • Draft 88B instruments

Rural Subdivision

Rural Subdivisions involve the preparation of Plans of Survey by a Registered Surveyor for the creations of new rural lots.

Summit Geomatic has extensive experience with these forms of subdivision plans.  We have undertaken rural surveys in a wide range of areas across NSW for the subdivision of rural allotments, closing of unnecessary roads and real property applications including the redefinition of creek boundaries.


Strata Titles Subdivision

Strata Title Plans of Subdivision are undertaken for a range of development activities such as:

  • Villa and town house projects
  • Retirement villages
  • Multi-storey residential units
  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial complexes

The strata survey defines the cubic space for each unit which can also include areas such as car-parks and garages, court yards, atriums, lofts & balconies.


Cadastral Plans

The following are the various cadastral plans that can be prepared for the above services.

  • Consolidation plans (multiple lots into one allotment)
  • Primary application (conversion of Old System Title to Torrens Title)
  • Redefinition survey (resurveying of old allotments)
  • Road opening and closure plan
  • Lease surveys
  • Easement surveys

Central Ranges Gas Pipeline Easement Plan - Dubbo to Tamworth

Our Services

Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary Marking
  • House Setout
  • Identification Surveys

  • Urban & Rural Subdivision
  • Strata Subdivision
  • Easement Surveys

& Detail Surveys
  • Spot Level & Contour Surveys
  • For Planning & Development
  • Connection to AHD

Engineering Surveys
  • Site Establishment
  • Construction Set-out
  • Monitoring & Control

Lease Surveys
  • Telecommunication Sites
  • Lease & Survey Info Plans
  • Site Co-ordination