Boundary Surveys

Summit Geomatic has extensive experience with boundary surveys of all kinds. Our boundary survey services include:

    • Boundary marking: Marking of boundaries for fencing or neighbour disputes. This service provides a clear location of your boundary through marks on the ground and a sketch plan demonstrating the boundaries and offset distances from nearby features.
    • House setout: This type of boundary survey is the interpretation and input of a house design from an architect’s plan. This service provides a calculation of boundaries from Land Titles Office plans, with ground markings placed which may be used as a guide for the builder constructing the footings and the walls. This service also involves the transfer of level datum to proximity of works. In a second visit, there is the option to mark the position of walls on the poured footings.
    • Identification/check surveys: This is an identification survey and report used in the transfer and sale of land. In this survey, we check boundary surveys during and after construction to satisfy approval authority requirements.
    • Re-definition and consolidation surveys: This boundary survey service is often required if the property is to be redeveloped. We strongly recommend this type of survey for property in older areas with indistinct boundary positions, particularly if the subject property is Old System. You will receive a modern plan of survey registered at the Land Titles office that will protect your investment.
    • Easement Surveys: These surveys are required for a number of reasons, including ‘Rights of Carriageway’, which allows someone to drive across a property, or an ‘Easement to drain water’.

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