Our surveying services

We strive to provide the most precise surveying services to our clients. Our extensive experience is underscored by a fascination with new technology and how it can improve our surveying services. Our processes are tried and tested. At Summit Geomatic, we employ the latest global positioning technology and robotic total stations. The data captured is then processed by industry standard software such as CivilCad and AutoCAD.

We have experience with projects of all sizes, from small residential boundary surveys to projects hundreds of kilometres in length.

Our surveying services include:-

  • All types of Boundary Surveys, including boundary marking, house set-out, identification surveys, re-definition and consolidation surveys, easement surveys, urban and rural cadastral surveys.
  • Subdivisions, including Torrens and Strata.
  • Contour and Detail Surveys.
  • Engineering Surveys, including monitoring and control surveys, construction set-out, level and volume surveys.
  • 3D laser scanning to create detailed point cloud models.
  • Lease surveys

Summit Geomatic Surveyors - Office Calculations

Our Services

Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary Marking
  • House Setout
  • Identification Surveys

  • Urban & Rural Subdivision
  • Strata Subdivision
  • Easement Surveys

& Detail Surveys
  • Spot Level & Contour Surveys
  • For Planning & Development
  • Connection to AHD

Engineering Surveys
  • Site Establishment
  • Construction Set-out
  • Monitoring & Control

Lease Surveys
  • Telecommunication Sites
  • Lease & Survey Info Plans
  • Site Co-ordination