Engineering Surveys

Construction Set Out

Construction set out involve the determination and position set-out of proposed dwellings, extensions or industrial buildings in accordance with council approved plans.

Our surveyors will determine the position of cadastral boundaries and thereby the position of buildings within lot boundaries.

Survey marking is one of the first step in the construction process. As the project progresses, survey reports are prepared as required by the builder, council or building certifier.

The accurate set-out by engineering surveys of construction works (and in particular buildings) is essential to the management of a construction project.

Our expert surveyors are experienced in the set-out of buildings ranging from:-

  • Single resident dwellings
  • Villas and townhouses
  • Multi-storey units
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial complexes

These engineering surveys often involve complex calculations based on architectural and engineering plans prior to set-out. Summit Geomatic has the necessary technology and experience to manage this. Their facilities and software allow for the rapid processing of large amounts of survey data on large scale projects.


Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring of structures such as retaining walls or other features such as rock faces for lateral movement or subsidence.


3D Laser Scan of Cliff Line Deformation Survey - Bombo NSW

3D Laser Scan of Cliff Line Deformation Survey – Bombo NSW

3D Laser Scan of Cliff Line Deformation Survey - Bombo NSW

3D Laser Scan of Cliff Line Deformation Survey – Bombo NSW

Volume Calculations

Our surveyors can determine cut or fill volumes for almost any purpose. Typical surveys may involve stockpiles or drainage structures.


As-Built or Work As Executed (WAE) Surveys

As-built surveys can be undertaken for a range of projects such as drainage structures or road pavements. Typically position, levels and volumes will be determined and may be overlaid onto design drawings.


Coordination Surveys

Coordination surveys may be required for a variety of projects such as infrastructure projects, environmental monitoring or flood studies.
We have robotic total stations which can measure with pinpoint accuracy to establish control points for a site. Utilising GPS technology we can accurately determine position and height to a range of coordinate systems and datum’s, even in remote areas.

Our Services

Boundary Surveys
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  • Identification Surveys

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  • Easement Surveys

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Engineering Surveys
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  • Construction Set-out
  • Monitoring & Control

Lease Surveys
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  • Lease & Survey Info Plans
  • Site Co-ordination