Contour & Detail Surveys

Detail surveys are a basic prerequisite for building and land development. In most cases, the purpose of detail surveys is to indicate features on, and adjacent to, a property.

There are a number of site features and levels required by architects and planners. A topographic survey is a vital component of a successful development application for any development of your land. We can undertake topographic surveys using a range of technologies, from remote access reflectorless Total Stations and 3D scanners (where there may be restricted access) to GPS technology (large scale topographic surveys).

Features of general detail surveys include:

  • Title information.
  • Contours.
  • Spot levels.
  • Site co-ordination and location of true north.
  • Levels on the kerb and other critical features.
  • Location of existing visible services (sewerage, power poles, telephone).
  • Ridge and gutter heights for subject building.
  • Ridge and gutter heights for adjacent buildings.
  • Outline of adjacent buildings.
  • Window position and heights for adjacent buildings facing subject site.
  • Height and width of major vegetation.
  • Floor level of subject property.
  • Location of ancillary structures (garden sheds, pergolas).
  • Level benchmark to Australian Height Datum (AHD) where applicable.

Or any other feature of a site that may impact upon development potential. Site detail extras may include accurate boundary definition, boundary marking and services search. We can also provide highly accurate internal surveys of buildings to show room layouts or design purposes.


Survey Examples:

Example Detail Survey Bella Vista NSW - Summit GeomaticExample Detail Survey Begnell Park - Summit Geomatic


3D Laser Scan - Facade

3D Laser Scan – Facade

3D Laser Scan - Residential

3D Laser Scan – Residential

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