NSW Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information Awards 2008 – Winners

Summit Geomatic and ESO Surveyors win coveted NSW Excellence In Surveying Award (Cadastral). For Tamworth to Dubbo easement survey.

In 2007/2008, in association with ESO Surveyors, Summit Geomatic undertook the creation of a 300km easement for gas pipeline between Tamworth and Dubbo.  This easement plan serves to protect the site of the gas pipeline and the community that benefits from it.

Combining experience with innovative techniques using GPS and mapping technologies we have succeeded in managing staff in field data collection, processing and output of quality plan information.

As part of the project we located and placed over 160 permanent survey marks which, in association with the Department of Lands, were processed to yield millimetre results.

This control network was used as a solid foundation from which survey data was located and placed.

Supervising Surveyors: Gregory Boot, Peter Nancarrow and Andrew Korompay.