NSW Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information Awards 2012 – Finalist

This year, Summit Geomatic submitted an entry in the Cadastral Surveying and Land Titling Category for subdivision work at Warriewood Brook Retirement Village.


Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) acquired the site known as 6-14 Macpherson Street Warriewood for the purpose of developing the site for a retirement village in 2001. The site was originally occupied by market gardens, greenhouses and an assortment of sheds and at this time was still essentially semi-rural in character.


Summit Geomatic was commissioned to undertake a detailed topographic survey of the site including detailed location of the existing creek which formed the rear boundary and adjacent road reserves.


This survey revealed that the current position of the creek at the rear of the property and that of the original position of the creek as shown on the title diagram varied substantially. Further investigation and discussions with adjacent owners revealed that the original creek had been re-aligned in the 1950’s and 60’s by dredge line to reduce the impact of local flooding. The original creek was largely obliterated in this process.

As the creek had been radically altered by unnatural means the boundary remained in the original creek position as it stood prior to the dredging.


This left a significant portion of the neighbours land on the ‘wrong’ side of the creek. Our client made the decision to acquire this land from the neighbour to facilitate the proposed development and to alleviate concerns over dedication of land to council for a future reserve adjacent to the creek.