A meticulous surveying service

Since its inception in 2000, Summit Geomatic has provided a quality surveying service throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area and greater New South Wales.  Summit Geomatic is based in North West Sydney, in Norwest Business Park.

Led by Gregory Boot and Peter Nancarrow, Summit Geomatic has always strived to offer the most precise surveying service. It’s this attitude that has seen Summit adopt advanced tools and systems.

Summit Geomatic has twice been awarded the coveted NSW Award for Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information – Cadastral Surveying and Land Titling. The award was given in 2008 recognising Summit’s innovative use of surveying technology on a highly complex project that encompassed a 300km gas pipeline, and again in 2013 for a development project in Bondi.

In 2011, Summit was a finalist in the Infrastructure and Construction category for their work with AirServices Australia. This project involved surveys of national air navigation facilities.

In 2012, Summit was a finalist in the Cadastral Surveying and Land Titling category for their work with Anglican retirement Villages. This project involved the subdivision and dedication of creek and road reserves for Warriewood Brook Retirement Village.

It’s Summit’s flexibility and experience to take on any project that has seen it thrive and grow. With an older company’s experience and a younger’s thirst for continual service improvement, Summit Geomatic continues to demonstrate a staunch commitment to quality.

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Our Services

Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary Marking
  • House Setout
  • Identification Surveys

  • Urban & Rural Subdivision
  • Strata Subdivision
  • Easement Surveys

& Detail Surveys
  • Spot Level & Contour Surveys
  • For Planning & Development
  • Connection to AHD

Engineering Surveys
  • Site Establishment
  • Construction Set-out
  • Monitoring & Control

Lease Surveys
  • Telecommunication Sites
  • Lease & Survey Info Plans
  • Site Co-ordination