Affiliations, Accreditations & Accolades


Summit Geomatic is a company of land surveyors committed to quality and innovation. Their professional affiliations have ensured a consistent understanding of the latest advances. Summit is a member of the Institution of Surveyors NSW and the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), Australia’s peak national body of surveying and spatial science professionals.



Summit Geomatic is led by Registered Surveyors Peter Nancarrow and Gregory Boot. Peter Nancarrow has a Bachelor of Surveying from the University of New South Wales (B. Surv), while Gregory Boot has a Bachelor in Engineering, Geomatic Engineering from the University of New South Wales (B.Eng (Geomatic Eng)).



As land surveyors of merit, Summit Geomatic’s work has not gone unnoticed.
In 2008, they were awarded the coveted Cadastral Surveying NSW Award for Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information. This accolade recognised Summit’s innovative use of surveying technology on a highly complex project that encompassed a 300km gas pipeline.
In 2011, Summit was a finalist in the Infrastructure and Construction category for their work with AirServices Australia.
In 2012, Summit was a finalist in the Cadastral Surveying and Land Titling category for their work with Anglican Retirement Villages.

Our Services

Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary Marking
  • House Setout
  • Identification Surveys

  • Urban & Rural Subdivision
  • Strata Subdivision
  • Easement Surveys

& Detail Surveys
  • Spot Level & Contour Surveys
  • For Planning & Development
  • Connection to AHD

Engineering Surveys
  • Site Establishment
  • Construction Set-out
  • Monitoring & Control

Lease Surveys
  • Telecommunication Sites
  • Lease & Survey Info Plans
  • Site Co-ordination